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Welcome on the website of the modification Special Unit for Unreal Tournament 2004.
For more details, you are invited to read the FAQ or to join us on the forums.
If you are a talented mapper, coder or modeler, do not hesitate to try to join the team by sending us a mail or posting in the board.

Hello everyone !

After an excruciating week lond big-crunch, here comes Special Unit for Unreal Tournament 2004 !
You can download the Windows installer Here or the zip archive There.
Or on our hoster

You'll need Unreal Tournament 2004 and its latest patch (v3369) to play this mod.
After the install, your UT2004 folder should look like this :

I would like to thank everyone who supported us during our great adventure : the most patient fans ever, the guys from, the team from Unreal-Fantasy, the friends from former website PMods, and the families of the team who had to cope with no-lifes during the long hours of work !

Thanks to everyone involved in the team during the last 9 years :
XoD, Horse, DarkFabius, GeorgeH, Gunman Youri, Anubis, Barballs, Missilemaster, Max&Asmyrdhen, Drakeslayer, Delva, Stepotronic, Geniuz, Fac32, Ganmesh, Yaboo, Nemesis, Blackhound, Radian, Ziboo, Angelus, Eddy, Blacksmurf et yAMATO.

You can find the list of the features in this news.
The trailer is available on Youtube.

I hope you'll enjoy Special Unit, and that we'll meet on a server soon !
Feel free to write down comments and ideas on our boards!

See you on the other side !




Hello everybody !

The final trailer (in HD) for the release is available on Youtube :
Special Unit Release Trailer

Enjoy, and see you next week, on January 13th, on a server for massive frags !

Kawoosh !


Hello everyone !

We're a few days, months, years late, but finally we have a release date !

As you know if you've been reading our boards, few major bugs prevented us from releasing the game. Good news is that they have been fixed and now there are no more spawning problems, everybody appears ingame with the correct skin and mesh. Both client and server side. Also bugs with the Zat'nik'tel knock out have been fixed and there are no difference in position for clients. The UI has been rewritten to allow players to change it's scale, and some of the icons have been redesigned.

Textures have been fixed, and now the Goa'uld earn a gold skin at the rank of Prima. The spaceships code has been rewritten, they can no longer "stall", or stop inflight. Few animations have been added and they now play without issues.

Globally, a full revamp of the maps, interface and code has been done.

The installing script has been created and the package successfully tested on several computers.
The mod will feature :

4 Tau'ri Classes
3 Goa'uld Classes

Team Objective maps :


Capture the Cristals :


Cooperative maps against the replicators :

Asgard Ship
Asgard Ship (Hard)
X303 Down

Spaceship maps :

Asteroid (without the motherships)

The following weapons for the Tau'ri team :

FNP-90 (assault rifle)
AS-50 (sniper rifle)
Five-Seven (handgun)
MP5 (assault rifle)
M-60 (huge rifle)
SPAS-12 (shotgun)
Healing syringes
Smoke Grenade
FlashBang Grenade
Explosive Grenade

Jaffa Staff (fire and close combat)
Zat'Nik'Tel (one shot stuns, the second kills)
Zat Grenade (Flashbang)



And in space battle :


Let us now shoot a short trailer, take a bunch of screenshots, and wish you a happy new year, and we'll meet on January the 13th on a server !

Happy new year everyone, and see you in two weeks !

Kawoosh !


Vote for SU inModdb's Mod Of The Year contest !

You can vote even as a guest there, so helping us is just a click away !

Thanks everybody !

PS: Of course, you'll soon be able to vote after having played the mod... We're just a little bit late, but it's coming ! :)


Hi folks !

Despite everything you can read on various boards, and what we can read in your emails, nope, we ain't dead !

Well, 8 months and no news ? Sorry about that !

At the moment there's only two left of us working on the mod, so it's quite difficult to stay motivated and to make significant improvements... But...

But XoD and I (Darkigo) worked a lot these times to bring you this, the list of all the bugs we fixed since the last piece of news (well it's in french but you get the idea) :

Nearly 50 closed tickets, that means nearly 50 bugs less or as much new content to the mod !

This time, we're really close to this :

Even the installer is over, the script too, we just have to finish a few more tasks (maybe a few surprises) and you'll soon be able to download Special Unit. There will even be some nice icons to launch the mod !

I won't detail everything that we've done, but you'll see some major new things by clicking below :

Watch the new VIDEO (Youtube) !

Yep ! That's right, two new levels, my pleasure ! The inside of the X303 has been done by Hors3, years ago. The music is still made by _MaX_ and every song he made for SU will be included in the mod.

So, a Co-op map against the replicators in a X303 that has just crashed, and a new spaceship level (with fighters only), in which the Tau'ris must shoot the Goa'uld naquadah generators hidden in the cave of this asteroid mine. Might be quite fun to chase your enemies in those extremely tight tunnels ! Watch out for the walls !

Oh yeah, and last thing, a release date maybe ? Well, what about fall 2009 ?



Hello all,
Thanks to some emails, I just noticed the English version of the website was down.
It's fixed now, it has to be clean for the next update ;)

Kawoooosh !


We wish you a happy new year 2009, in which, Special Unit will be released, at last !

Yes, YES, we swear! And it might come early in the year if we're good enough.
We just wanted to tell you that we're going to post a real piece of news soon, with content.
We made some nice improvements on the mod, and we'll give details next time. We'll prove, that NO, we're not dead !

In the meantime, get some rest, Special Unit is coming !

Kawoooooosh !


Hello everyone !

Hell, 3 months, what's up ?

XoD a friend from the Perfect Dark Source mod joined the team and is working on the code !

After some tweaks on the Credits page (a return button), and an option to activate or not the XP Save mode when you host. In this mode, players can win weapons and new abilities when they have enough points. You earn points when you kill or achieve an objective.

Then he set up a versioning system. It's a common used development tool we never had the time to create. Now it's very easier to see what has to be done and what's done.

We posted more than 30 tasks,and we fixed nearly all of them ! I won't detail every bug, but you can watch the screenshot for more details...

Here are the main things :

First, I translated the whole mod in english, menus and maps.. In both French and English. It's a huge leap toward the public version.

We fixed tons of bugs, including some very annoying about the ships that did not spawn correctly while playing online. Or maps that did not end at the right time, gametypes mixed up, or the mothership's turrets that did not move along with the ship ! Thanks XoD for everything !

We improved the HUD (screenshots for everymap in the menu), add some details in some maps to balance and improve them.

Another main thing, we spoken about that in the previous piece of news, the bullets fired from the motherships are now (a little) autoguided.
It's now possible to shoot down a fighter with a mothership. It was not the case before, even with some Uber 133t Sk1lls.
Check that the motherships are working well in video :


We also modified the mod architecture to modify the class more easily and upload them to the versioning system.

What has to be done before the public release ?

We've to finish the mini maps you can watch during the game, and make them work online. We'll maybe add some turret meshes on the ships, and maybe make them destroyable, if it's possible. We've to fix some flight parameters for the fighters too. Change the main view for the motherships, move some firing positions, and balance the classes. We've also to prevent replicators from spawning at humain spawnpoints. Maybe add one or two maps !

You might think we take too much time, but these times, we're two to work on the mod, we do what we can !
But we're really close to the release !



Hello everyone !

First, let us apologize for the lack of news, we were very busy with the current beta-test.
Let's see what we've got...

Dev logbook !

Fall of August : we spend some days making a stable version for our beta testers. It's far from being easy, we have to re-test it everytime to avoid the biggest problems (for exemple, checking if the online game runs well). We've already had a cache export problem, which prevented the players from connecting to a server... We had a hard time finding the source of this bug !

Due to connexion problems, no BT during more than a month !

Mid-October : Some games are played, we're beggining to see what should be changed.

First update : New versions of the Icedet and Asgard maps, which are now working well ! (the arrows used to point at the wrong objectives !)

Second update : New stuff ! We included the new Tau'ri skins we talked about in the past news (each class has its own skins, to be easily recognizable). Thanks to Missilemaster, we fixed a bug that caused us to have 500Mo log files !
Turned out it was just the hummer that was looking for a function that didn't exist... We faced tons of bugs like that one, and it's very pleasant to end with just a 100KB log file after some games.
We also fixed a bug concerning the arrow, which couldn't be updated for the client.

Third update : A holy mess ! We tried as hard as possible to make the client be able to choose the motherships, because it was impossible (it was part of the major bugs that prevented us from releasing a public version). After four or five different versions, we were finally able to make that work correctly. Hard luck, it caused bugs into the cooperative mode ! Some players were able to spawn as goa'uld (normally this should be impossible, because you can only play as a tau'ri). After several litres of sweat and coffee, we (well, Missilemaster) fixed this.
We also have a new music by _Max_, and new sounds for some weapons (FNP90 in particular).

This is where we are now. It's not perfect yet, we still have to fix some bugs with the motherships : for example, the turrets on the Daedalus stay on the spawnpoint and don't move with the ship. We have some names problems, for example, « Goa'uld daedalus ship »... We also have to translate the maps, objectives, etc., make sure that the missiles fired by the motherships are a bit auto-guided, like the shots of the fighters, because it's impossible to shoot them down. And of course, add one or two maps.

In a nutshell, we've never been this close to the end ! Of course, there is still a bit of work to be done, in order to release (at last !) the first public beta !

For your pleasure, here is a short ingame video of the beta-test, and some screenshots.

The Video (the 31MB file)
The Video (Youtube Link)

Oh yes, by the way, if you wan to help us and are a talented mapper or coder, send us an e-mail ! We really need some help !

See you very soon !

Kawoosh !


Hello all !

We're back after a quite long absence which was caused by a hosting problem ! I let you read this, be sure that there are a lot of new things since our last communication.

The website is online again
We apologize for the temporary disappearance of our website. It happened because's hoster dropped them, and as we are hosted at, our website and our forum came offline for a moment.
So, is now back, and so we are !

New intro
Kaji, our friend from the Unreal Fantasy mod, did a wonderful intro for Special Unit. It's pretty close to the TV show now and it looks great ! Be sure to wait through the introduction to behold the goodness.
==>Youtube Link<==

New Zat
We weren't happy about how the zat used to work, so Missilemaster fixed it wonderfully !
First shot, the soldier is falling in a realistic way, using the physics engine of UT, and he stays on the ground for ten seconds. If he's hit by a second zat shot, then he dies, and a third one makes the body disappear.
==>Youtube Link<==

Grenades Bug
In the past, when you had no more ammo, the animation with the grenade in your hand was still played, which was not very realistic. Missilemaster (God bless him) succeeded in fixing it.

Abydos Finished
Yes, the Abydos map is finally finished !
The Tau'ri spawn in the small village with their hummers. Their mission is to cross the desert and to reach the temple under the pyramid. Nevertheless, the Goa'ulds will spawn in the Teltacs close to the pyramid, and will have Deathgliders. Once the tau'ri reach the temple, they destroy the wall that prevents them from going into the stargate room. Then, it's the rush : both the goa'ulds and the tau'ri are looking for the eye of Ra, hidden in a labyrinth of corridors, and once one team has it, it must be brought to the Stargate for the tau'ri (who will have to activate it), or to the Hatak for the goa'ulds (via the transport rings).

Here are some screenshots :

The fog in Antartica
Stange bug, but now fixed : on the Antartica map, the fog used to be way too dense, and you weren't able to see anything. Now it has become much better !
See by yourself (before/after) :

Spaceships Bug
We used to have a strange bug about spaceships too : on you radar you weren't able to see the spaceships that were out of your visual range. Missilemaster, again, fixed it !

New Loading Screens
Darkigo made these 2 new loading screens, and they look great !

Vagues sur la stargate
The Stargate itself got a makeover in the FX department, thanks to Missilemaster. The ripples now react to weapons fire as well as player passing through it... Just like the TV show!
==>Youtube Link<==

SU Asgard
Darkigo added new objectives to the Asgard map, as well as some triggers, so the arrow always indicates the right objectives in the map (and helps the player).

Well, I think that's all for today.
See you later guys !

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